A bit about me...

I'm pretty lucky to call Nantucket my home.  Originally from snowy Syracuse, NY (Go Orange!) I found my way to Nantucket during those fun college years and basically never left.   

I discovered my love for photography in high school and continued my study at The Art Institute of Boston, where I spent hours and hours, happily, in the darkroom.   While photography had always been an important part of my life, it took a back seat to some other ventures of mine. I managed The Camera Shop for over 10 years, started a successful photo booth business, I manage a jewelry store.  

As my life on Nantucket grew, so did my desire to follow my passion.  So I made it happen!   I love to document life, real life, silly life, messy and hilarious life.  When I am editing and I see someone's true, amazing self shining through, well, that just makes my day.  I love architecture, food, great design of any sort.  

If allowed to dream, I'd spend half the year in Italy, eating prosciutto and sipping Negroni's.  Just sayin'.  

*    *    *

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